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Hearing Self-Assesment

Do you have concerns about your hearing or your child’s hearing? Come visit us at True Sound Hearing Aid Center for your free, no obligation hearing screening.

Understanding the Cause of Your Hearing Loss

Before your screening, we will ask you about any symptoms being experienced, medical history, medications, and work/living environment. There are many causes of hearing loss—genetics, birth defects, viruses, head trauma, noise exposure, and aging among them—and we can assess all of them and offer a solution for many of them.

A basic hearing test will then allow us to determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids or if another form of treatment is needed. No matter what caused your hearing loss, you can benefit from a free screening at our San Francisco office

To find out if your hearing is deteriorating and if you could benefit from treatment to improve your hearing, schedule your free hearing screening at True Sound Hearing Aid Center now.

You have nothing to lose, but may have a lot to gain.