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Depending on Your Lifestyle, Certain Hearing Aid Features May Benefit You More Than Others

When you visit True Sound Hearing Center, you will see that hearing aids offer wearers all kinds of fancy features and impressive technology. From water-resistant casings to Bluetooth capability, there is a hearing aid to suit every lifestyle and our hearing care professionals will work with you to find the best fit.

Features Available on Hearing Aids

Not every wearer needs every available feature, but when you find the features that fit your lifestyle, your hearing aid will be able to provide benefits beyond just better hearing. Some popular new features include:

  • Directional microphone. This feature gives preference to sound coming from in front of the wearer and filters out sounds coming from other directions. While anyone can benefit from this feature, it is particularly useful for work and social environments.
  • Digital noise reduction. This technology determines if the signal contains unwanted noise and, if it does, reduces the noise level. Wearers report that background noise becomes less annoying with this feature, which would benefit anyone in a noisy environment.
  • Impulse noise reduction. Quick impulse sounds like keys or dishes rattling are smoothed by this technology, which increases comfort for all hearing aid wearers.
  • Telecoil. Many wearers are already familiar with this technology, which connects a hearing aid to a compatible system such as a telephone, movie theater sound system, or church broadcast.
  • Wind noise reduction. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may benefit from this feature, which reduces the whooshing noise of wind blowing across the hearing aid microphone.
  • Bluetooth compatibility. This wireless technology allows you to connect your hearing aids to your cell phone, MP3 players, and any other Bluetooth devices. These days, almost anyone can take advantage of this technology.
  • Water resistance. If you spend a lot of time on the beach or around a pool, you may want to invest in a hearing aid with a water-resistant casing. Regular hearing aids cannot withstand moisture. The greater the chance you will expose your hearing aids to water, the more you may want to invest in this feature.

Our Hearing Aid Experts Will Help You Make the Right Choice

While many of these features are standard on most hearing aids, you may need help choosing among other options and our hearing care professionals can walk you through all of the choices. Schedule your free hearing evaluation now to start your journey towards better hearing.