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How much will my new behind-the-ear hearing aids cost?

The cost of your hearing aids will depend a great deal on the level of your hearing loss, the technology and features you want, and the type of hearing aid your hearing aid provider recommends. Generally, there is a hearing aid for every budget, and fear of cost should not prevent you from getting your hearing checked and learning more about your options.

Pricing the Three Most Popular Types of Hearing Aids

Depending on factors such as severity of hearing loss and physical dexterity, your hearing care professional will recommend one of the following types of hearing aid, all of which have options at a variety of price points. When you purchase a hearing aid from True Sound Hearing Aid Center, the cost of the device includes professional services such as a hearing evaluation, selection, fitting, training, and care.

The three main types of hearing aids are:


With this model, the receiver is either in the ear canal or in the outer ear and connects to a second unit containing the batteries and controls which rests behind the ear. This model allows for significant amplification across many frequencies.


The entire device is placed in the outer ear with this type of hearing aid. While it is visible to others, the custom earmold makes it comfortable and unobtrusive to the wearer while still offering the features of a behind-the-ear model.


In this model, the entire hearing aid unit fits into the ear canal, making it invisible to others and easy to insert and remove. Because of its design, some of the features available on other models are not available on an in-the-canal model.

Regardless of the model, our professionals can help you find a hearing aid that fits your budget.

True Sound Hearing Aid Center Is Dedicated to Helping You Get the Hearing Aids You Need

Given that Medicare and most health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, you may be worried about being able to pay for this much-needed medical device. At our comprehensive hearing care clinic, we offer a wide range of prices, and financing is available. Do not let a price tag keep you from a life with better hearing. Schedule your free hearing evaluation now.