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Hearing Protection

There are many simple earplugs and headphones available on the market. If you are going into an area where the noise levels are potentially hazardous always use appropriate hearing protection. Ill-fitted hearing protection will offer little or no protection; read and follow the instructions fully.

Balls of cotton-wool or tissue paper offer little protection and can get stuck in your ears; use the proper tools which have been specifically designed for the job! Even if you are going to be exposed to a loud sound for just moment it is strongly recommended to use appropriate hearing protection. Noise exposure accumulates over time so each few seconds soon mounts up to a few hours. A building site is a great example where there are many potentially damaging noise sources, such as: nail guns, buzz saws, hammering etc…Each of these noises individually do not seem to be a big deal however accumulated exposure to them will sooner or later likely result in a measureable hearing loss.

Hearing loss caused by noise exposure is irreversible but is 100% preventable; if you always use appropriate hearing protection you will not suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. An estimated 1/3 of all hearing loss is preventable – take care, make sure that you, your family and friends are all protected. Simple ear plugs often cost less than a dollar, higher rated protective headphones are available at most hardware shops and many MP3 devices have ways to restrict the volume.