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What Are The Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

Generally losing one’s hearing is a very gradual process that slowly accumulates over years; because of this the early signs of hearing loss are often overlooked or brushed aside. Occasionally hearing loss can come on suddenly. If you experience a sudden hearing loss it is recommended to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Quick action can, in some cases, partially or completely reverse the hearing loss.



If you or someone you know has a hearing problem, all or some of the following might be evident:

Behavioural Indicators –

  • Need the TV or radio turned up louder than others prefer

  • Feel that other people do not speak clearly anymore or mumble

  • Often need people to repeat themselves

  • Miss the phone or doorbell and others can hear it

  • Sounds like birds, insects or car indicators are no longer audible or seem very distant

  • Have more difficulty than others when listening is noisy or group situations

  • Avoiding group conversations or social situations; find social situations tiring and stressful

  • Increased levels of stress and tiredness associated with straining to hear others

  • Have trouble hearing children or women

  • At times get annoyed or angry with people because they don’t speak properly

  • Friends or family enquiring as to whether you may have a problem with your hearing

Hearing Threshold Levels Chart

Historical Factors –

  • Another family member has a hearing loss (parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters)

  • Have ringing, roaring or buzzing noises in your ears (Tinnitus)

  • Have taken medications that are known to potentially damage the hearing system

  • Have diabetes, heart disease, circulation or thyroid problems

  • Have a history of being exposed to loud sounds over an extended period of time or a single exposure to an explosive sound