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What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is not a disease but the term given to the symptom of hearing of noises such as buzzing, cicadas, ringing, whistling, pulsing or hissing which seem to originate in the head or ears. Tinnitus is extremely common with around 10% of the population having this problem, with around 1% being severely bothered by it. Most people will experience short term or temporary tinnitus at some stage in their lives however it normally lasts for a short period.

Hearing Problem


Tinnitus is often associated with other hearing problems but it does not necessarily mean that the person has a hearing loss. Some of the more common things which are thought to trigger tinnitus include:

  • Middle ear infection

  • Exposure to loud noise

  • Certain medications

  • Dental or jaw problems

Some things which are thought to antagonize tinnitus include: 

  • Stress

  • Tiredness

  • Caffeine (tinnitus has also been reported to be induced or worsened by caffeine withdrawal)

  • Alcohol

  • Excessive noise

  • Diets high in salt

  • Nicotine (tinnitus has also been reported to be induced or worsened by nicotine withdrawal)

Tinnitus is a symptom associated with a myriad of diseases, drugs, environmental conditions etc… so if you suffer from tinnitus then it is recommended to seek help from your medical professional.